Commercial Producers Indemnity Insurance

Commercial Producers Insurance Policies go beyond simply insuring your production equipment and liability. A Commercial Producers Indemnity Policy will cover non-appearance of crew, talent, essential equipment, props, sets and wardrobe due to “Anything beyond your control”, this could include delays in arriving at shoots due to adverse weather conditions, wild-cat airline strikes, ash clouds etc.

A Commercial Producers Policy can be tailored for a particular shoot or production or purchased on an annual policy, the cover is flexible and protects the clients production activities from start to finish.

Why would you need Commercial Producers insurance?

• If you are a production company working to contracts approved by the Advertising Producers’ Association and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, you will need a Commercial Producers Insurance Policy to meet your contractual requirements
• Timings for commercial production is often down to the wire and any delays can result in hefty expenses
• Equipment and key personnel are expensive assets and need to be protected should theft, damage, illness or injury occur

What is covered under a Commercial Producers Insurance Policy?

• Property (including theft, accidental damage and breakdown of equipment)
• Cast – Cost to reshoot following loss of anyone essential to the shoot in your budget due to Death, Accident or Sickness
• Production Media
• Extra Expenses – Cost to reshoot following loss of or damage to essential equipment, props or location.
• Third party property damage
• Public liability

Commercial Producers Insurance will give you peace of mind that the shoot is covered from the outset of the policy, (even before filming has commenced) all the way through to completion of post-production.