Motion Picture & TV Production Insurance

Coverage Overview (Include but not limited to)
1. Cast Non-appearance All financial consequences that the production would suffer following a postponement, a stoppage or an abandonment of the shooting in the sole event of a death, injury by accident, illness or detention which is always beyond the control of the insured and each and every insured person.

2. Props, Set and Wardrobe Props, sets and wardrobe covers scenery, costumes, props (whether rented or self-owned), which are lost, damaged or destroyed due to natural disasters or accidents.

3. Extra Expenses Extra expenses covers the extra expenses incurred due to an interruption, postponement or cancellation of an insured production.

4. Equipment All shooting and sound equipment, transmission, reproduction, lighting including lamps, generators, special effects equipment, equipment vehicles, mobile studios, accessories, replacement pieces, flight cases and special cases or boxes used for the production.

5. Support All financial losses that you would suffer following the deterioration, disappearance or destruction of any support (blank or not) used in your production (film, soundtrack, sound or film tapes, videotape, DVD, digital support and the matrixes, interpositives, positives, working copies, cuts, fine grain printing, color slides, cartridges, works of art, drawings and the software with its support for the creation of computerized special effect etc.).

6. Third Party Liability Divided into three sections, including public liability, third party property liability (real property, film sets and natural decors) and entrusted property (care, custody and control).